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The Battle between European Pesticide Manufacturers and India’s Farmers

Endosulfan is a generic pesticide which is the most economical, effective and safe pesticide and hence, the third largest selling pesticide in the world. EU wants to convert this large market into one for its patented products. To achieve that, … Continue reading

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Endosulfan does not bio-accumulate

Endosulfan is not an organochlorine. In 1988, Endosulfan was reclassified by the WHO as ‘sulfurous ester of a chlorinated cyclic diol’ An important feature of this molecule is its sulphur ring that makes it degradable as well as bio-degradable by … Continue reading

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NIOH failed to verify the final analysis of Endosulfan residues

PMFAI defends Indian government’s position on Endosulfan At a media briefing held by the PMFAI, speakers questioned the flawed study conducted and published by National Institute of Occupational Health (NIOH), Ahmedabad. The study titled “The Final Report of the investigation … Continue reading

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EU move to ban Endosulfan to benefit European Crop Protection Industry

The Pesticide Manufacturers and Formulators Association of India (PMFAI) held a press conference today and invited speakers who pointed to European Union’s (EU) role in steering proceedings at international chemical conventions. The Stockholm Convention has been exploited by European Commission … Continue reading

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