Endosulfan: Another generic pesticide targeted

Endosulfan is not the only generic pesticide targeted for a world wide ban. However, It may be difficult to believe the fact after having a look at the images of the so called “Endosulfan victims”.

Endosulfan was introduced 50 years ago by a European company after conducting extensive tests and trials, proving Endosulfan’s safety and merits. Endosulfan – invented, manufactured, used and marketed by Europe for more than 55 years is now made outside Europe.

Once Endosulfan was off-patent, Indian companies began manufacturing it which was not aligned to business goals set by the European companies. Europe subsequently stopped manufacturing Endosulfan. This decision was abrupt as there were no substantiated ‘effects’ that called for Endosulfan to be stricken off.

Developing countries such as India began mass supply of the ‘off-patent’ Endosulfan. Presently, India’s share in Endosulfan’s world market stands at 70%. This growth to India came at the expense of European companies. As a leader in chemicals EU (EU accounts for 60% of the world share in chemicals trade which includes pesticides) was concerned with the business interests of European chemical industry and its ambitions. Lobbyists and European Union decided to support it’s chemical manufacturers and began encouraging slow and sure propaganda through global forums such as Rotterdam & Stockholm Conventions. All this was designed to reclaim lost markets and pave path for new ‘patented’ pesticides!

Since, Hindustan Insecticides Limited – a Government of India undertaking – began production of Endosulfan it was the most reasonable option for Indian farmers. Europe was worried. Endosulfan being an indigenous product, it was not possible for Europe to offer new ‘patented’ product that could match the price of Endosulfan which was made indigenously and was at par with regards to quality.

Europe devised a perfect solution to ascertain the exit of Endosulfan on any possible grounds. The sudden halt of production by European companies was never reported but the media was now fed by the lobbyist by information that was moulding Endosulfan as to be the cause of negative impact on environment, on human health or other living beings. The lobbyists and the media were working on a plan – anything would do and at any cost!


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